More and more tourists stay in their own houses when they come to Cyprus

More and more tourists stay in their own houses when they come to Cyprus

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Over the last 6 years the number of foreign tourists, who stay in their own houses on Cyprus, has increased from 114 thousand to 138 thousand people, it is 5.7% from the whole stream of tourists coming to the country. The amount of those who stay in the flats, houses and villas of their relatives and friends, has increased to 471 thousand. It is 19.5% of the stream of tourists, that is, every fifth guest coming to Cyprus.

This trend negatively influences the hotel business. During the period mentioned above the amount of tourists who put up at the apartments and the tourist villages of Cyprus, has decreased from 29.6% to 21%. However, the amount of guests preferring 3-, 4-, 5-star hotels has increased from 43.4% to 47.5% of the whole stream of tourists.

The Cyprus Organization of Tourism (COT) appreciates positively the fact of the increase of the amount of tourists, staying in their own houses. According to the experts of COT, this phenomenon positively influences the tourism industry and the economy of the country. The owners of the real estate visit the country several times per year. This category of tourists is especially needed during winter, because it is not a holiday season. Also, the owners of the realty spend a lot of money and invite their friends to the island. This is why COT approves this tendency.

The economic problems of Cyprus are not over with the tendency to stay elsewhere but in the hotels, leaving the tourist branch of the country without a significant part of the turnover. Another event that influences the economy is the fact that the “heaviest” European currency has disappeared, namely the Cypriot pound. There are forecasts from the analytical agencies that predict that Cyprus can become one of the most expensive European touristic directions because of the rising prices after the introduction of the general European currency in the country.


Source by Iuri Tarabanov

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