Buying Cyprus Property – The Market Place is Changing

Buying Cyprus Property – The Market Place is Changing

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Real estate agents and developers in Cyprus are complaining because their property for sale in Cyprus is not, perhaps, generating as much rewards as they expected. Sales are dripping and price increases, which were evident from 2005 – 2007, no longer seems to exist. The Cyprus property for sale tag which was once quite high, as a result of the credit crisis and economic downturn has been slashed to unthought-of levels. So do we hear loss? Well maybe there are those who are complaining of a bad situation, but if the facts and figures are well analyzed, it would be clear that this is the time to invest.

Cyprus property for sale has always been a tempting business proposition for UK investors. More than 300 days of sunshine, coupled with the island’s beauty, has easily attracted investors. Property purchases tend to be for investment, or second home options. The purchase possibilities have been quite interesting in this third largest Mediterranean island. However the massive property price increases, over the last few years, have caused many to abstain from owning a property in Cyprus.

But the cards are already changing hands. The situation, which was once daunting for the buyers, is changing to present new avenues of investment. The property prices have been slashed to offer Cyprus properties for sale in for or even under £85k. Even a five star apartment in North Cyprus can be negotiated around the stated cost tag. Moreover, because there are not many buyers, businesses are facing extreme difficulties to ensure just the basic survival, which offers even better financial terms to prospective buyers. For instance, a plot in Alethriko, which was for CYP 120,000 a few months back, is now at a price for less than CYP 90,000. Moreover, with about a 40% decline in property sales, there is nothing much the sellers can play on. Paphos is the region facing the most severe blow. Simply stating, at this hour a property for sale in Cyprus is a deal wherein buyers can manipulate the terms to suit them.

The government too is facing the brunt. Capital gain taxes, which contributed to their overall revenue, are shrinking. The lack of buyers is disturbing the overall financial scenario. This is making the Cypriot administrative machinery gear up to introduce measures and thus work towards repairing the situation. So, for those buyers who invest now, profitable returns are more realistic.

While various regions can be checked, north Cyprus in particular deserves special mention. Property for sale in Cyprus in the northern region is already cheaper in comparison to the southern options. Moreover, sterling is the currency deployed for sale and purchase, which grants an added advantage to the UK buyers. And if the political scenario is to be believed, reunification plans can further boost the north Cypriot property market situation.

When it comes to buying a Cyprus property, the buying process begins by signing a reservation agreement. The agreement ensures that for a deposit the seller withdraws the selected property from the market. The contract of sale is the next stage. This is quite an important step as the Contract of Sale deserves serious contemplation. If buying a property in Cyprus, do not just sign the standard Contract of Sale, but check it thoroughly and ensure appropriate modifications to suit your interests. Once it is signed the contract is stamped and a copy is submitted with the Land Registry. The next step involves the transfer of the Title Deed to the name of the purchaser. A Certificate of Registration is provided to the purchaser, which confirms the purchaser as the absolute owner of the selected Cyprus property for sale.


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