Building Your Dream House

Building Your Dream House

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Since the inception of the world man needs a shelter to protect himself from weather, wild animal sand disasters. In old age people use to dig mountains and live in caves, and then they learn to make small houses from wood and leaves. Now a day human make concrete structure houses and tall buildings which is status of style and luxury.

Home is sanctuary for everyone. Building own house is everyone’s dream. Building or buying house is most expensive decision common man ever made. When we talk about building new house it’s arduous. One must have complete knowledge about it but no need to be civil engineer. Just ask from experts while taking important decisions like wise always ask when electrical work is to be done how to find best electrician for home wire. For building your dream house you must concern about few things which are these

Area of ​​Land

First you have to find land for building your house. Some people want to live in more populated areas other want less people pollution. But living in populated area is better ideas as you will get social facilities more easily. You can make new friends in the same vacancy. Always check there is no legal bounding on the land you are going to buy.

Map of House

Map of house is actual planned drawing of any building. It is also called blue print sometimes. It gives basic specification of any building like layout, dimensions, raw material and other installations like plumbing and electrical work.

Raw material

Some houses made up of wood, but most of the house made up with combination of cement, bricks and blocks. Houses made of cement and blocks are considered more reliable than wooden houses. Some special material is added in raw material to give more strengthagainst earthquake and other natural disasters.


Proper drain system and other water and sanitary fitting are playing critical role in comfort of the house. Proper hot and cold water lines should be given for kitchen and bathrooms.

Electrical work

To lighten up house and to run all electronic appliances we need strong electrical wiring. It should support all heavy appliances like AC, TV, water motor and iron. Copper wiring is considered more reliable than silver and steel wiring. It is difficult to find good electrician

How to find the best electrician for home wiring?

There are so many options available. You can find someone near your house. You can hire someone with referral or you can search online. Wiring should be properly done otherwise it can result in short circuit or fire. There are so many cases of fir in house reported just because of poor wiring.

Interior Design

Interior of your house reflects your choices. Hire best interior designer for your home or you can take expert advice if you want to do it by yourself. You can use contrast of different colors for different rooms.

Color theme should be according to age and personality. Choose furniture according to the size of the room.

These are few key areas which you should consider while building your dream house.


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